" Sumalee Salak Loi Kaew " (Salacca in syrup) is the fruit processing by taking salacca which has a hard shell fruit . The process is to peel the shell and carve out the seeds then put in a light syrup to make it easier to eat. It is honored for local wisdom of Chantaburian people.

         The geograghical advantage in the cultivation of 180 hectares of fruit attributed to soil conditions at planting more than 80 years. It specializes in crop cultivation making the best salacca, Sumalee species, excellent growth and delicious taste.
       As for the process of producing, we have been certified by the ministry of Health (FDA) and tested underneath GMP manufacturing. It is guaranteed with the registered OTOP products. It has also been examined by Provincial Industry as the community standard.
       In the year 2015, our products have been selected from the Community Development to be the representative OF Chanthaburi province our Products join at the outstanding National Business Plan Competition at Impact Arena and Muang Thong Thani. It is assured that "Sumalee in Syrup" produced by Sor Peut Pon Songpeenong Chanthaburi is a famous product to be a precious souvenir.

• 2014 The food and drug administration's certification
• 2014 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)'s certification
• 2015 has been standard OTOP.
• 2015 winning restaurant has represented the province joined the OTOP National Distinguished Business Plan Contest.
• 2015 was marked by the Office of Community Standards industry.
• 2015 to promote the product in Thailand Business Matching 2015 at the Embassy of Thailand. Phnom Penh Cambodia


• The OTOP MIDYEAR 2015 at IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani.
• Exhibition of the East at CentralPlaza Rattanathibet
• The colors of the East at Central Lampang.
• The OTOP CITY at Impact, Muang Thong Thani.
• Road Show 5 product province of Chanthaburi at the Central Udon Thani.
• Road Show 5 provinces of Chanthaburi at Central Phitsanulok.
• Road Show 5 provinces of Chanthaburi at Ayutthaya City Park
• Road Show 5 provinces of Chanthaburi at Central Chonburi.
• SME Marketplace at Central Hat Yai